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Painting Outside with Matt Lively Winter 2021 Group Two (Thursday's)

Painting Outside with Matt Lively
Winter 2021 Group Two Thursday

We are a group of folks painting outside. I am one of the folks. I will be responsible for organizing the outings and will be available for any technical questions the participants may have.
In all meetings, each participant is responsible for their own food, safety and well-being. This will be the first Winter Session. It WILL be cold.

The group will be limited to 9 participants.( this is to make sure that I can help everyone sufficiently with painting and we stay well within the governors and CDC guidelines for everyone’s safety and comfort).
Each participant commitment is non-transferable for Winter session.

The goal of this group is to get better at painting and create a reason to go and do it. Since I love to paint and teach, I invite you to join me outside so that we can all get better at painting.

In order to make this project sustainable, ongoing, and able to grow to include more interesting locations, I will be requiring a registration fee from each participant. The registration fee includes: organization, instruction when needed, critique when asked, locations, communication (email and text), water, and pop up shows including our best work at different locations after the session. *to be announced as most venues have been closed
8 Sessions would be $240 total registration fee OR if paid in advance - $200 registration fee.
Early registration begins Monday, December 14th, 7am via my website
December 18th, the price is $240

The registration fee includes all.

The Winter group will meet Thursday’s from 12:30-3:30pm starting January 14th and continuing until March 4th . We will meet 8 times.
Each painter will provide for their own painting needs, creature comforts and snacks if needed. I will provide drinking water and a 2’x2’ sheet of insulation styrofoam to stand on. IT WILL BE COLD!
Semi-pro tip: mittens with a hole to slip a paint brush in, good boots with insulated soles, layers, work a bit smaller.

Locations and Dates: Locations subject to change but you will be notified via email in a timely manner before the session starts and each subsequent week.

Rain/makeup days : The rain make up dates will be each Sunday after each meeting. For example, if we are rained out on Thursday, Jan.22nd, we will meet on Sunday the 24rd.
Makeup days may also be applied to days where the high temperature is not expected to exceed 32 ° F

Suggestion: what you paint that day is what you paint. Resist addressing today’s painting again until after our last meeting. Suffering this suggestion will pay off.
Hope to paint with you!