Matt Lively
"Frankie""Jax""Jordy, Sully and Molly"(Untitled)(untitled)(Untitiled) Chewy"Olive""Maggie""Boston""Jasper""Max""Huck""Chico""Jackson""Ella""Cassie Mae"Katie's"Layla""Jackie O""Gus""Skwert""Luke" for Lani"Grr""Calvin""Linus"for Chris"Bishop""Butch""Radar""Lucy""Lucy" for Pam"Lucy""Wilson" for Anna"Amy""Addie""Bentley""Shy""Emma""Marley" (for Kim)"Zach" for Charlotte"Mattie" for Harold's Mom"Gus" for Libby and Alex"Belle" for Jean and Seth"Wilson" for Anna"Cali""Maggie" for Jan and Linda"Winston""Weezie""Scoop""Miley"
Dog Portraits
Send images of your best friend with info about what he or she is into (chasing squirrels, eating frisbees, sleeping etc.) and I will paint it up!
The paintings are done in oil or acrylic on canvas on panel

7x7 - $350
10x10 - $400
12x12 - $500

I put all of my love for dogs into these paintings.

no cats

You can send your images HERE

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