Matt Lively
I am an artist living in Richmond, Virginia. I work in a 130 year old barn that is close to my family. A lot of things get made in the barn and some of it is shown nationally and internationally. When not in the studio, I teach at VisArts and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

I make images that suggest a story without a beginning or end. Learning to stop before the painting reveals too much is the most delicate aspect of my process.

It is a real privilege to make a living doing this job. I have high standards - sometimes I hit them and sometimes I don't. I do not consider being overly precious beneficial for my work. I am consistent, work hard and do everything that I know to do to improve but, I allow things to happen naturally while painting. I avoid pretentiousness by working quickly and knowing that my methods and materials are smarter than me.

Thank you for visiting. Please email with any questions.

-Matt Lively